International Affairs Department
JUDr. Světlana Kloučková, Ph.D.
Director of International Affairs Department
+420 542 512 330
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Public Prosecutors

Mgr. Radek Soukup, Deputy Department Director
Mgr. Danuta Koné Król
JUDr. Jan Provazník, Ph.D.
JUDr. Anna Richterová
JUDr. Josef Zronek

Mgr. Lukáš Starý, National Member in Eurojust
Mgr. Martina Hluštíková, Deputy to National Member in Eurojust

Contact information – Department desk

+420 542 512 330

Competence of the Department
  • Agenda of international judicial cooperation in criminal matters:
  • Methodological support for public prosecutors in the Czech Republic in the area of extradition proceedings
  • Entering into and keeping record of agreements on joint investigation teams
  • Mediation of mutual legal assistance requests concerning specific actions of criminal proceedings or transfer of criminal proceedings from foreign states (in case an International treaty does not enable direct liaison of public prosecutors with foreign authorities)
  • Drawing up drafts of internal regulations of Public Prosecutor’s Office (General Instructions) in the area of international judicial cooperation in criminal matters
  • Participation in negotiations of international treaties and formulation of expert commentaries to proposed international treaties and legislation of the European Union
  • Cooperation with the EUROJUST (European Unit for Judicial Cooperation) through the Czech National Member
  • Participation on meetings, seminars and conferences within the European Judicial Network, the Carin Network and other specialized networks of experts on international judicial cooperation
  • Communication with foreign judicial authorities
  • Education activities in the area of international judicial cooperation in criminal matters

Template of mutual legal assistance request of foreign authorities to the CZ authorities in pre-trial proceedings (click HERE to download)

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