Analytical and Legislative Department
JUDr. Miroslav Růžička, Ph.D.
Director of Analytical and Legislative Department
+420 542 512 630
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Legislative Section – Public Prosecutors

JUDr. Jana Zezulová, Ph.D., Deputy Department Director, Head of Legislative Section
JUDr. Kateřina Horká, Ph.D.
JUDr. Vítězstav Pýša
Mgr. Helena Šenková

Methodology Section – Public Prosecutors

Mgr. Tomáš Foldyna, Head of Methodology Section
Mgr. Jan Chvatík
JUDr. Katarína Tejnská, Ph.D.
JUDr. Pavel Zeman

Contact information – Department desk

+420 542 512 630

Competence of the Department
  • Tasks related to analytical activities of GPO and to interal and external legislation (Legislative Section)
  • Tasks related to methodological and explanatory activities of GPO (Methody Section)
  • Coordination and preparation of comments to legislative drafts (for Public Prosecutor’s Office the significant legislation includes in particular the Criminal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, Juvenile Justice Act, Act on Public Prosecutor’s Office, legislation regulating the exercise of competence of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in non-criminal area, Regulation no. 23/1994 Coll.)
  • Participation on the preparation of documents for elaboration of legislative drafts related to the competence of the Public Prosecutor’s Office
  • Participation on elaboration of drafts of these legislative acts or amendments thereof
  • Preparation of draftws of internal regulations of the Public Prosecutor’s Office – General Instructions of Prosecutor General – issued to harmonize and direct the procedure of Public Prosecutors when exercising the competence of Public Prosecutor’s Office, internal organization of Public Prosecutor’s Office and uniform performance of the file management service
  • Preparation of drafts of opinions for harmonization of interpretation of laws and other legal enactments in the course of exercision the competence of Public Prosecutor’s Office
  • Preparation of drafts of co called small opinions, functioning as preliminary resolution of application problems
  • Coordination of methodological activities in relation to the public Prosecution system
  • Cooperation with the individual Public Prosecutor’s Offices and other state authorities outside the Public Prosecutor’s Office that either directly or in their consequence relate to certain aspects of competence of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, provided that the concerned state authorities asked for such cooperation
  • Preparation of documents used for the power of Prosecutor General to file an incentive to the Supreme Court, based on findings on non-uniform decision making practice of courts, proposing that the Supreme Court formulates an opinion to interpretation of laws or other legal enactments
  • Coordination and final edition, or as the case may be, elaboration of analytical documents, in particular reports on the aktivity of Public Prosecutor’s Office, which clearly document the outcomes of work of the whole public Prosecution systém for the previous year, including the summary of findings and conclusions derived therefrom
  • Preparation of special reports, which according to the stated content and main area of focus concerng e.g. the issues of custody proceedings in criminal cases, drug crime, serious economic and Financial crime nad other important issues related to the exercise of competence of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, both in the criminal law section and in the field of non-criminal law
  • Preparation of documents for the provision of information pursuant to the Act no. 106/1999 Coll., on free Access to Information
  • Cooperation in the course of fulfillment of tasks in the area of education of public prosecutors, legal trainees and clerks of the Public Prosecutor’s Office

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