Fight against Corruption

In order to secure transparent and anti-corruption environment, a system for making reports, also anonymous, about suspected corrupt conduct; the system may be used by both the employees and the public. The system provides a safe space and trustworthy tools for reporting the suspicions.

Reports should contain:

  • identification of persons suspected of corrupt conduct,
  • detailed description of possible corrupt conduct,
  • specific evidence about the possible corrupt conduct,
  • possible requirement for maintaining anonymity of the reporting person.

A reporting person can report the suspected corrupt conduct through:

  • anti-corruption telephone lines: +420 221 997 595 (Department of Justice), +420 222 111 732 (Regional Public Prosecutor’s Office in Praha),
  • anti-corruption e-mail address,
  • postal address:

Ministerstvo spravedlnosti ČR
odbor kontroly
Vyšehradská 16
128 Praha 2
Czech Republic

  • postal address:

Krajské státní zastupitelství v Praze
oddělení organizační a kontrolní
Husova 11
110 01 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Anti-Corruption Policy of High/Regional/District Public Prosecutor’s Office in … (upravit název a vložit odkaz na soubor)

Annex no. 1 – Code of Ethics of Public Prosecutors
Annex no. 2 – Code of Ethics of Employees of High/Regional/District Public Prosecutor’s Office in … (upravit název a vložit odkaz na soubor)

List of advisors and advisory bodies

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